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Alejandro Bahamondes

After high school, I studied graphic design at PUCV, Catholic University in Valparaíso, at the architect performing center, were they teach the relationship between images and creative concepts such as music and poetry. But the most important was the observation itself, as a tool: how to observe the light, the landscape, the objects and the living creatures. How we see ourselves, our emotions and thoughts. The whole movement of nature. That was my first formation; and that also required a whole year in architect performance, this was mandatory for all students of graphic or industrial design. The teachers thought that the knowledge of an architect or a designer shut not be limited by their specialty.

I was positively impressed by this method and helped me to focus in each project with and open minded attitude, so this way I never stop learning. Therefore formation never stops specially in these times, when the whole world has become digital, there is always a new program or a new tutorial with unexpected tools that opens new techniques and helps to develop a new project.

Since I was a kid I loved drawing but also I used to build mock-ups with cardboard and painted them, design new typographies, invent famous heroes, plotting and writing different stories. All the sudden appears a brand new age between design illustration, 3D animation, scripts and tutelage information through Internet. So I jumped immediately into the stream and started to use all the new tools on my behalf. So now its "bread and butter". I can develop my stories further on, such as visualize a whole new building in 3D, write a script for a short film or draw a storyboard without loosing the traditional techniques like my personal way of drawing and painting, oil or watercolor.

In 1993 I created in Santiago de Chile, a studio called “nuevas artes” (New Arts), dedicated to illustration, photo retouching and design. Since 1997, based in Madrid, I work as a freelance for the majority of advertising agencies, creative studios and film production Cº in Spain, and some clients in Europe and the United States.


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